Camilla Tuominen

In this session you will learn how to better utilise the amazing power of emotions. Get wisdom to understand better (your and others) emotions but also get the best practises and tools on how to lead emotions in encounters.


Camilla Tuominen (M.Econ) is a popular emotion trainer, inspiring speaker, author, illustrator and CEO & co-founder of emotion start-up ( Her mission is to teach everyone how to understand and lead emotions which she realised to be the core skill of the future when she worked for years as management consultant. She has written & illustrated two books about emotions: first book was about individual’s journey towards understanding of emotions (Tunnekuvakirja – tunnesekamelskasta tunteiden johtamiseen, Readme 2016) and second is about how to successdully lead emotions in worklife context (“Johda tunteita. Menesty työelämässä. Tammi 2018). She loves social media & wants to connect with people who want to join movement to enhance emotion skills in our society: Facebook, Instagram (especially stories!), Twitter & LinkedIn.




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