Nico Rose

Nico Rose

Topic in SUCCESSFORUM 2018 Conference: Heaven is (mostly) other People

Today, most work is teamwork. Therefore, one of the crucial leadership tasks is to foster a working culture and conditions where team performance is constantly greater than the sum of its parts. A key responsibility here is fostering mutual trust and a systems’ so-called “relational energy”. Grounded in Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS), this talk will discuss appreciative and at the same time effective leadership strategies and show how to build a working culture that builds upon the strength that robots and algorithms still cannot copy: our humaneness.

Nico Rose holds a master’s degree in general psychology (WWU Muenster), a Ph.D. in economics (EBS University), and is a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania). In his main job, he heads a global recruiting department at Bertelsmann, Europe´s premier media corporation.Nico is a devoted blogger and has published more than 50 professional articles and book chapters at the intersection of Positive Psychology, leadership, and organizational culture.

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