Coaching to Success 2018 – Flourish Conference Program

Join the most interesting event of the coaching field in Europe in​ 2018!

Is the flourishing of your organization close to your heart? Join the two-day Coaching to Success conference, deepen your skills and network lead by top Finnish and international coaching experts. The conference is organized for the third time and approximately 400 leaders, managers, coaching and HR professionals interested in the development of organizations will participate in the conference.

Become excited and inspired by listening to the top performers of the conference! Presentations are given both in English and in Finnish. Alternatively, you can use the conference day to study: New Potential Lab offers several workshops on themes related to coaching.

Start Success pre-conference 25.4.2018

13.00-13.30Opening CoffeeSiirtomaasali
13.30-15.00Charles JenningsWorkplace Coaching by ManagersSiirtomaasali
15.00-15.30BREAK: Coffee & NetworkingSiirtomaasali
15.30-17.00Jonathan PassmoreEmotions at workSiirtomaasali
17.00Sparkling wine at the LobbyLobby

Coaching to Success Conference 26.4.2018

9.00-9.45Monica WorlineReflected Best Self as a coaching tool for fostering flourishing in individuals and in teamsSiirtomaasali
10.00-10.45Charles JenningsLeaders as Coaches within 70:20:10Siirtomaasali
11.00-11.45Camilla TuominenCamilla Tuominen, Tools & wisdom for successfully leading emotions in encountersSiirtomaasali
11.45-13.00LUNCHPyöreä Sali
13.00-14.00Nico RoseHeaven is (mostly) other People
14.30-15.15Riitta SilvennoinenTowards a Coaching OrganizationSiirtomaasali
15.30-16.15Caitlin WalkerClean Language InterviewingSiirtomaasali
16.15-17.00Emilia LahtiA story on passion, compassion and courageSiirtomaasali

Coaching to Success Conference 26.4.2018

10.00-10.45Ria ParppeiDevelop and Lead VolitionMerisali
11.00-11.45Hanna HartikainenHow to motivate people along in the change iniative?Siirtomaasali
11.45-13.00LUNCHPyöreä Sali
14.30-15.15Tomi HalonenHow coaching supports lone leaderMerisali
15.30-16.15Harri GustafsbergHow to Coach Mental PerformanceMerisali
16.15-17.00Emilia LahtiA story on passion, compassion and courageSiirtomaasali

Coaching to Success 2018 New Potential LAB 26.4.2018

10.00-11.45Piia TulisaloLeader as Mindful ChampionHilton Matruusi
10.00-11.45Erja SandbergDo you know your strenghts?Hilton Matruusi
10.00-11.45Ira LangeBuilding a vulnerability based trust in organizationsHilton Matruusi
10.00-11.45Caitlin WalkerClean Language Modelling for individual and organisational developmentKatariina
14.30-16.00Nina Karlsson & Heli BackmanRelational Energy in the Coaching ProcessKeltainen Sali
14.30-16.00Raija Salomaa and Johanna SaarinenOpportunities and challenges of virtual coaching: Tools to make your coaching successfulKeltainen Sali
14.30-16.00Ilona Rauhala and Jarmo MannerExecutive CoachingHilton Matruusi
14.30-16.00Dan SobackWisdom CoachingKatariina

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