The Start Success opens the conference with an interesting pre-occasion

The Start Success is a an occasion preceding the Coaching to Success 2018 conference, in which the participants are able to develop their knowhow in the workshops lead by top professionals.

The Coaching to Success 2018 starts on the 25 April, 2018 with the Start Success pre-conference. It is an in-depth learning event, in which you will work in small groups lead by top professionals. In the workshops you will hear about the current views from the top names of organization development, develop your own knowhow and network with other participants who are interested in coaching skills.

The Start Success lasts for about six hours, and it consists of two sequential workshops and a dinner. The facilitators of the workshops are two internationally acknowledged British speakers: professor, psychologist Jonathan Passmore and the expert of learning, professor Charles Jennings. The occasion is held in English.

The Start Success occasion is intented for those professionals who are interested in the development of the working life and the field of coaching; and who wish to get tuned to the conference for deeper learning and networking purposes. We wish you warmly welcome!

The number of seats is very limited. If you wish to join, make your reservation in time!

Jonathan Passmore: Emotions at Work
Professor Jonathan Passmore is a world-famous psychologist and an author, who has written several works about the development of the working life, management of change, and coaching. He operates as a professor in the Henley university in Great Britain. During his sessions, Passmore talks about the roles of emotions in the working life: how we can better understand emotions within ourselves and others, and this way strenghten the empathy, communication, and performance in our work.

Charles Jennings: Leaders as coaches within 70:20:10

In this session, Charles Jennings studies the importance of the feedback given by leaders to their teams and from coaching from the perspective of high performance. Several leaders see their role focused on operational top performance. However, without equally focusing on the support on the development of workforce with help from coaching and feedback, they do not help to develop the qualities of ”a learning organization”. This interactive session offers study based on evidence and a few simple tools that help the participants to understand what the leaders must do and how to help them achieve success both as the developers of people as well as the achievers of ”operational top performance”.

Biography: Charles Jennings is a leading thinker, author, practioner, and a consultant in the field of innovative learning and performance. He is know world-wide for his work with the 70:20:10 model. During his career, he has worked as the professor of business school, as a member of boards and steering groups in international units of learning, performance, and business, and as the chief learning officer in worldwide organizations. The popular work ”70:20:10 Towards 100% Performance” that he co-authored is known as the starting point for the methods of high performance ability.

The number of seats is very limited, make your reservation in time!

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